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Get ready to finalise your business visuals! Your business should be recogniseable, and getting your branding in one place, and ensuring you use it across all your marketing and business stationery is the first step to ensuring that your customers recognise you - and trust you!

Here's whats included in my branding identity package:

  • Discovery Call

  • Questionnaire

  • Moodboards

  • Colour Palette

  • Typeface*

  • Brand Pattern*

  • Brand Board Mini Guide

  • Brand Guidelines Booklet



You might well be wondering what each option above actually means - so here's some helpful information on what you can expect from your branding packages.

Discovery call: This is where we have a chat, over Zoom or on the Phone, and I get to learn what you are expecting as a client, your thoughts and ideas on your identity, and I will also send you away with some homework so I can understand more about the sort of look and feel you want for your business.

Questionnaire: This is a quick questionnaire wit ha few questions to make you think more about what you are expecting from your branding/re-brand, and it helps me work out the best approach for your business.

Moodboards: One of the things I will ask you to do is to go away and find photos, logos, and other visuals, that you feel would match the sort of look you want your business to have. I will use this visual information to get a feel for your desired branding outcome. I will use these images to create a moodboard.

Colour Palette: Now we are starting your branding! Exciting! I will use the moodboard, discovery call and questionnaire info that we have done together to set out the colour palette for your business. These will be the chosen colours you will use across all your branding visuals - printed collateral, social media, website etc.

Typeface: This is the typeface (font) that your business will use going forward. There may be one, or we might use 2 (or more!) Where possible I use freely available products with commercial licenses, which reduces your end costs and ensures no legal disputes! There may be additional costs if you chose something that needs to be purchased. The typeface will be included with your final files.

Brand Pattern: This is not included in all branding packages, and is entirely up to you if you want this or not. Some business types find this essential, and for other businesses, it isn't something they will use.

Brand Board Mini Guide: This is a Mini brand guide - supplied ready to print as a PDF file on one page. This is a great one pager which can be shared to colleagues, staff, your social media guru etc so they can quickly, conveniently, and easily see the information they need to create your visuals.

Brand Guideliness Booklet: This is the final guide on your Brand Identity. It will go into further details on each of the elements that are included in your brand identity, such as how to display your logo etc.


You need to: Supply a logo (not got one yet? Then check out our Branding & Logo package instead!). If we haven't spoken already, please remember to include your phone number at checkout so I can call to arrange your branding discussion. The initial call will be to schedule a time where we can discuss in greater depth more about your company and your visions!


Brand Identity

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