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Maximize Your Reach: Instagram Bio Now Allows 5 Links!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

If you follow my Social Media, you might have spotted the stories regarding Instagram's latest news!

Instagram now allows its users to add up to 5 links in their Bio. Perhaps not the most useful feature for most of us, but if you are running more than one business or website, or want to link to suppliers or influencers, it could be a really helpful feature.

Perhaps you could use it to take your customers to different parts of your website, or different departments? It could possibly even be a replacement for those using - or a good addition to, perhaps?

Personally, link wise, I was crossing my fingers for being able to add them to posts and comments, and I know I'm not alone! However, I'm sure it could open a can of worms as far as spam and bots go - but then I suppose that is something we are all used to on IG (anyone else win loads of Shein giftcards recently??)

What about you? Would you have prefered links in posts, or will the 5 links in your bio be a welcome addition for your IG page? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the latest update, or how you will be using this new feature!

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